August 10, 2018

Staging for Sale

A great way to sell your home quickly and for the highest price is to stage it ready for sale. Many buyers want to be able to see the home of their dreams and if they walk in and there’s issues such as lots of clutter, peeling wallpaper, damaged fittings and furniture etc., it puts buyers off or they offer a much lower price.

Staging your home for sale in a clever way makes it much more appealing to buyers. Ultimately the aim is to have multiple offers for your home so you can sell for the best price and choose the buyers who are in the best position to move forward quickly.

What is staging for sale?

We ‘stage’ your home so it looks as appealing as possible to buyers. This can involve various solutions such as refurbishment and decoration, painting/wallpapering, clearing clutter, changing spaces to maximise the flow of the property and fixing/replacing damaged fittings and furniture. This may sound like a big project, but we use clever techniques so the staging can be completed quickly and cost effectively.